CHEMTRAIL BLAST- Sun city relation

04:23 May 28 2017 Munich

CHEMTRAIL BLAST- Sun city relation




When:28 of May, 2017. At 12:59 pm (Gmt+1).

Where: Munich / 48° 03`28. 1"N 11°31'06.7"E

Estimated altitude 37.000ft.

Estimated heading: 150°

Wind 7km/h North East

Chem dump was at 12:59pm

At 2:44pm, soft clouds appeared.

There for I assume a possible weather stimulation operation

for aggricultural economic reasons.

Details: It appeared by triangulating the position of that 4 engine aircraft, size and altitude at that moment and comparing it with Flight Radar 24, that it was very likely the Boeing 747-428F(ER) operated by MyCargo Airlines SV916/SVA916, Registration TC-ACM, radar F-LWSK5.

Flight from Brussels to Jeddah, where it released over Munich that huge

instant spray.

It was a huge instant release of a short large carpet like spray

that dissapeared shortly with strange fluffy looking bits.

The spray remained about 8 to 11 Minutes. An other normal aircraft contrail

passing close by like 20minutes later that day in about the same altitude, disolved instantly and normal with linear decreasing characteristics and all along it's flight track. Not fluffy smirky, erratically or like shaving cream foam in the sky...It didn't look like fuel dump either!

This was too big for a normal fuel dump. Was more then 4 times the capacity of 1 airliners natural fuel capacity. So what was it and what for ? It seemed not to have any direct effects, like changing the sun vibes, reflect or so.

This plane was in the middle of the cruising phase. Not in decend or approach and fueld dump operations. A contrail wouldn't have happend by physics over a city with clear blue sky and full sun due to slight termic collum.


P.S. It happend that some aircraft seemed to have faked or used different

aircraft identities for cover.


Event documented over Flight Radar, Screenshot.



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