Chemtrail over perth today

03:57 May 30 2017 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Chemtrail over perth today

about midday - 1pm 2 planes came in over the west coast sprayed lines over the eastern hills before the spray was stopped. Both flights did not show up on flighttracker 24 app. Even though every other plane I saw that day I pulled my phone out and it showed up. I've never ever had a plane not show up on flighttracker (I live next to the airport) and twice in 1 day they do not show on the radar, and both spray only from coast to hills directly over perth. Not landing at the airport, there are no commercial flights that go directly over perth that do not stop in perth, we are in the ass end of the world. I also noticed that not long after the 2 trails were sprayed in the pristine blue sky, a cloud front rolled in from the south. That's something I remember reading that they spray just ahead of cloud, perhaps to affect the weather, or to create rain, or possibly to mask the chentrails so they are not so obvious? 

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